Saturday, August 14, 2010

Benefits of Reiki Email Training

Benefits of Reiki Email Training:

When you learn Reiki in a class consisting of a big group of people who were not known to you before the class, you may hesitate asking many questions that you get during the training.

But when you are learning alone in person, or by mails, you feel free to ask any question whatsoever about the training.

Also, when you learn by mails, you can stay in touch with the teacher even after the email training is done, so you can have a life time support of Reiki training and healing from the teacher.

Many feel that when some teacher comes from other city and takes classes, that class is very good, but in such classes, mostly, the teacher is not accessible after that class, and so, you cannot ask many questions and your training stays imperfect.

On the other hand, in the Reiki Email training, you can have all your questions answered, as and when they appear, during, or even after the training.

You can learn Reiki up to level 4 by emails.

Earlier posts will tell you the process of Reiki Email training.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Many know Reiki as a method of healing and say that they must BELIEVE IN Reiki. But not many know that it is the most powerful ladder to success.

Here are the few things that will prove to you how Reiki can shift the life an opens ladders of success to you...

  1. Reiki teaches us how to work on anger and use it as a power, rather than the regular declaration of ones own defeat and helplessness.
  2. Reiki teaches us how to work on anticipated unwanted events and convert the traditional worry into taking care.
  3. Reiki teaches us to know, accept and handle our real sub-conscious thoughts; and use them to empower us.
  4. Reiki teaches us to accept everyone in his true spirit and help us respect all, without any unue expectations from anyone.
  5. Reiki teaches us to look at every event in such a way that even the worst kind of disadvantage or calamity can let us benefit out of itself.
  6. Reiki teaches us how to understand the cause and effect relation between every happening around us, and to allow our focused right acts get us the desired effects in life.
  7. Reiki helps us stay away from unwanted or false EGO, without giving up the DUE SELF RECOGNITION and Self-Dignity..
  8. These things if learned from a really competent Reiki teacher, can help a person become unstoppable and unconquerable in life.
  9. This means, when one learns the way to LIVE REIKI from a teacher who has been living Reiki, one an really get the power to handle any and every situation in life.
  10.   In short, Reiki, learned from a really competent teacher, who helps us to know how to LIVE REIKI, can enrich our life in real sense.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How about posting your results to get IMA recognition to Reiki???

How about posting your results to get IMA recognition to Reiki???

Reiki is taught individually everywhere.

It is not yet organised and so there are lots of variations in teaching it..

If Indian Medical Association takes Reiki as a Recognized Healing method, it will get organized.

But for this, we need to submit many results with medical records and proofs.

I appeal to all Reiki teachers and healers here to submit their healing data with results and reports and details so that all this can be compiled and sent to IMA for getting recognition to Reiki as a method of treatment and all those who are affiliated to the recognized association can practice as Legally Recognized Medical Practitioners...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Learning Reiki & other sciences by Emails










One may pay the fees of the concerned course by using to the same email id; Or,may ask for other alternate mode of payment by mail;Or,by calling 9820044254

Touch Healing for Self and others

When a Reiki channel touches any body part that has problem, there is heat or vibration or similar feeling felt in the hands of the healer as well as on the place where healer has placed his hand. This is also felt clearly by the patient.

This is called Touch healing in Reiki. Of course, getting Reiki Initiation is absolutely necessary for any healer to be able to heal in this manner.

This initiation needs just a few minutes; and also the total learning of Reiki needs just about 3 hours .

This means just in one day, by spending about 3 hours one can become a Reiki 1 healer.

You may contact me for details if you wish..; [Reiki Great Grand Master Teacher since past 15+years]

How Reiki can change your life??

Reiki being a method of creatingf harmony on its own, detects and delets all disharmonys in yopur life as you become a Reiki channel and keep healing yourself regularly.

Also, along with having your physical ailments getting healed, even the situations that you are in get handled from time to time and you find that new better openings come towards you...

Those who have experienced Reiki will agree with it, those who have not, may take this as a myth...

But I will say, one must never believe, nor dis-believe, one must be open to experience...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a wonder method of healing things and ailments without medicines.

Normally we all are used to taking medicines for any small imbalances in our system. These medicines cause side effects and then we take some more drugs to reduce these side effects, causing some more new side effects... This chain continues and one gets into the vicious circle of medicines and side effects...

Reiki is a perfect way to come out of this vicious circle...

It works on the theory that health conditions as well as events depend on the energies created around them. if you heal the energies by replacing imbalance with balance, things get harmonized on their own..

Reiki helps us create this harmony as once we are initiated into this wonder method, we get the ability to receive and transmit the universal life force energy and create balance and harmony..

This being the balance energy, it can cause no harm and no mistake. Means, the possibility of side effects and negative effects is totally ruled out...

Also, it is very easy to learn Reiki now as you can learn it even by email lessons..

Yet, since this is no portal, but personal email training, there is personal touch as you can communicate with me via mail or even by phone.

You may even ask any questions about Reiki practice during the training and You will get replies to your questions and I will help you overcome all types of problems that you might be facing as well..

As seen above, Reiki is learned in 4 levels for practitioners. Later are the teacher levels.

The new fee structure of Reiki levels is as follows:

Reiki 1 = 1000/-

Reiki 2 = 2000/-

Reiki 3 = 3000/-

Reiki 4 = 5000/-


All the fees given above are in Indian currency.

While paying by,


Please convert their currency into this and calculate accordingly,

Then transfer the funds


In USD, by calculating equivalent USD rate at,


In Rupees, if that facility is available with your paypal account.