Friday, January 1, 2010

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a wonder method of healing things and ailments without medicines.

Normally we all are used to taking medicines for any small imbalances in our system. These medicines cause side effects and then we take some more drugs to reduce these side effects, causing some more new side effects... This chain continues and one gets into the vicious circle of medicines and side effects...

Reiki is a perfect way to come out of this vicious circle...

It works on the theory that health conditions as well as events depend on the energies created around them. if you heal the energies by replacing imbalance with balance, things get harmonized on their own..

Reiki helps us create this harmony as once we are initiated into this wonder method, we get the ability to receive and transmit the universal life force energy and create balance and harmony..

This being the balance energy, it can cause no harm and no mistake. Means, the possibility of side effects and negative effects is totally ruled out...

Also, it is very easy to learn Reiki now as you can learn it even by email lessons..

Yet, since this is no portal, but personal email training, there is personal touch as you can communicate with me via mail or even by phone.

You may even ask any questions about Reiki practice during the training and You will get replies to your questions and I will help you overcome all types of problems that you might be facing as well..

As seen above, Reiki is learned in 4 levels for practitioners. Later are the teacher levels.

The new fee structure of Reiki levels is as follows:

Reiki 1 = 1000/-

Reiki 2 = 2000/-

Reiki 3 = 3000/-

Reiki 4 = 5000/-


All the fees given above are in Indian currency.

While paying by,


Please convert their currency into this and calculate accordingly,

Then transfer the funds


In USD, by calculating equivalent USD rate at,


In Rupees, if that facility is available with your paypal account.

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