Saturday, August 14, 2010

Benefits of Reiki Email Training

Benefits of Reiki Email Training:

When you learn Reiki in a class consisting of a big group of people who were not known to you before the class, you may hesitate asking many questions that you get during the training.

But when you are learning alone in person, or by mails, you feel free to ask any question whatsoever about the training.

Also, when you learn by mails, you can stay in touch with the teacher even after the email training is done, so you can have a life time support of Reiki training and healing from the teacher.

Many feel that when some teacher comes from other city and takes classes, that class is very good, but in such classes, mostly, the teacher is not accessible after that class, and so, you cannot ask many questions and your training stays imperfect.

On the other hand, in the Reiki Email training, you can have all your questions answered, as and when they appear, during, or even after the training.

You can learn Reiki up to level 4 by emails.

Earlier posts will tell you the process of Reiki Email training.