Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Many know Reiki as a method of healing and say that they must BELIEVE IN Reiki. But not many know that it is the most powerful ladder to success.

Here are the few things that will prove to you how Reiki can shift the life an opens ladders of success to you...

  1. Reiki teaches us how to work on anger and use it as a power, rather than the regular declaration of ones own defeat and helplessness.
  2. Reiki teaches us how to work on anticipated unwanted events and convert the traditional worry into taking care.
  3. Reiki teaches us to know, accept and handle our real sub-conscious thoughts; and use them to empower us.
  4. Reiki teaches us to accept everyone in his true spirit and help us respect all, without any unue expectations from anyone.
  5. Reiki teaches us to look at every event in such a way that even the worst kind of disadvantage or calamity can let us benefit out of itself.
  6. Reiki teaches us how to understand the cause and effect relation between every happening around us, and to allow our focused right acts get us the desired effects in life.
  7. Reiki helps us stay away from unwanted or false EGO, without giving up the DUE SELF RECOGNITION and Self-Dignity..
  8. These things if learned from a really competent Reiki teacher, can help a person become unstoppable and unconquerable in life.
  9. This means, when one learns the way to LIVE REIKI from a teacher who has been living Reiki, one an really get the power to handle any and every situation in life.
  10.   In short, Reiki, learned from a really competent teacher, who helps us to know how to LIVE REIKI, can enrich our life in real sense.

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Srikanth.R said...

i have a small question. For a good relation with a boss can reiki be given . If yes tell me how. I have done first level of reiki and i am in Hyd.