Saturday, October 13, 2012


Reiki is known as a method of healing by many people. They also teach it as a method of healing. But how many really know the real power of Reiki and the ability of Reiki to shift the lives of any common person?
Let us see how Reiki can shift our life in regular course of life:

  1. Real detailed understanding of Reiki principles helps us lead a very powerful life, full of success.
  2. One we know how and why to conquer anger, we have all controls of our life in our hands.
  3. Once we know the uses and abuses of the word worry, we know how to handle the anticipated unwanted events  
  4. Once we know what is the secret benefit we get when we thank everyone including those who intentionally harm us, our life becomes a bed of roses.
  5. Reiki training received from a right person has a potential to convert any type of life into heaven.

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