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We, the team of Multiversity of Success Reiki Teachers, conduct short duration week-end workshops teaching absolutely scientific version of Reiki that is free from blind faiths and unproved assumptions. 
We also indicate how to find out the actual ailment and psychosomatic ailment.
We show how to heal the real ailments and do appropriate counselling to handle the ailments with psychosomatic origin.
Now, we have thought of starting intensive training workshops of Reiki 1-2-3.
So, Multiversity of Success is shortly starting A 12 weeks certificate course of Reiki 1-2-3 where detailed practice of each level of Reiki as well as a perfect research into Reiki can be made available to each seeker. This can create a perfect Reiki healing masters who can spread the message of scientific Reiki healing.
The proposed syllabus for this workshop is as follows:
Reiki 1-2-3 module for 12 week program:
12 weeks - Monday to Friday - 1 hour each day

Reiki 1:

Week 1:
1.       History of Reiki
2.       Principles of Reiki
3.       Rules of Reiki
4.       Chakras
5.       Healing positions and attunement

Week 2:
1.       Gratitude meditation
2.       Grounding meditation
3.       Golden ball meditation
4.       Nadabrahma meditation
5.       Chakra balancing for daily healing

Week 3:
1.      Healing oneself
2.      Healing others
3.      Group healing
4.      Daily healing
5.      Healing of patients

Reiki 2:

Week 4:
1.      Why distance healing
2.      Benefits of distance healing
3.      Symbols + mantras for distance healing
4.      Methods of healing
5.      Practical healing & attunement

Week 5:
1.       Detecting blocks in wishes
2.       Writing intention rightly
3.       Chakra balancing meditation
4.       Creating future meditation
5.       Working on negative thoughts

Week 6:
1.       Healing oneself from distance
2.       Healing others from distance
3.       Group healing from distance
4.       Daily self healing from distance
5.       Healing of patients from distance

Heal 20 people, record their remarks, submit the video as project at the end of week 9

Reiki 3:

Week 7:
1.       Who is a master
2.       Abilities of a master
3.       Restrictions on a master
4.       Master symbols
5.       Healing methods & attunement

Week 8:
1.       Scanning in person
2.       Scanning from distance
3.       Healing after scanning
4.       Hatsure ho meditation
5.       Gasso meditation

Week 9:
1.       Healing as a master
2.       Scanning events
3.       Scanning thoughts
4.       Predicting events
5.       Actual healing of patients as master

Work on a healing process that is not included in syllabus, use it on 10 people, submit your report on it + video of remarks of people. 

Reiki Practical:

Here in every session, a student gets 1 patient

Week 10:
1.       Touch healing v/s distance healing
2.       Scanning results of healing
3.       Scanning energies in premises
4.       Predicting distance healing of places
5.       Counseling of a master

Week 11:
1.       Healing in an emergency
2.       Seeking support when needed
3.       Knowing importance of Reiki Family
4.       Supporting and being supportable
5.       Detecting improper emotions

Week 12:
1.       Healing emotions to heal
2.       Scanning events that caused ailment
3.       Scanning thoughts that caused ailment
4.       Predicting healing graph from response
5.       Actual healing of 2 new patients

Saturday of week 12

Sharing of Reiki students + their patients & convocation of students with certificate & pin

We propose to start this certificate course at Parel and Borivli in daily evening classes from 7pm to 8pm on mondays to fridays.

The fees for this 3 month certificate course will be 36,000/- INR that can be paid by cheques of 3 monthly installments of 12,000/-INR.

Those who are interested in joining this 12 weeks certificate course of Reiki 1-2-3 may post intent, venue choice & contact details, to, or leave comment here on this blog, so that when dates are finalized, we shall get back to you.

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