Sunday, August 30, 2015

REIKI 4 module for 12 week certificate workshop

Reiki 4 module:

Eligibility: Reiki 3 healer
Duration: 12 weeks - Mon to Fri - 1 hr each day

Week 1:

  1. History of Reiki 4
  2. Advanced symbols of Reiki 4
  3. Chiti Reiki
  4. Karuna Reiki
  5. Healing with new symbols

Week 2:

  1. Reiki Dowsing
  2. Choosing dowsing tool
  3. Asking Questions for Dowsing
  4. Working on attitude towards results
  5. Using angels in healing

Week 3:

  1. Advance diagnosis
  2. Talking to patient for getting facts
  3. Keeping daily records
  4. Actual Diagnosis of patients
  5. Actual healing of patients
Record the diagnosis of 10 patients, and their healing progress for 3 weeks and submit it by the end of 6th week.

Week 4:

  1. Concept of Acu-Reiki
  2. Energy channels within our body
  3. Detecting healing points
  4. Benefits of Acu-Reiki
  5. Healing with Acu-Reiki
Week 5:

  1. Need to learn Anatomy
  2. 11 Systems in Body
  3. Structure & Function of systems
  4. Endocrine glands & their functions
  5. Under-activation & over-activation of glands

Week 6:

  1. Skeletal system
  2. Muscular system
  3. Sense organs and their structure
  4. Lymphatic system & its effects
  5. Reading the medical reports

Each participant is to heal 20 people with Acu-Reiki, record the healing process as well as the remarks of patients in voice recording or video recording, submit the video as project at the end of 9th week

Week 7:

  1. Reiki Psycho therapy
  2. Mind body relationship
  3. Law of attraction
  4. Fear and its power of attraction
  5. Trust and its power of attraction

Week 8:

  1. Detecting thoughts that make us sick
  2. Working on fear and confusion
  3. Heal thoughts that cause ailments
  4. Working on negative thoughts
  5. Create positive thoughts to heal

week 9:

  1. Finding out the thought root of ailment
  2. detecting events that have caused ailment
  3. Scanning thoughts in a patient
  4. Making a patient aware of his sick thoughts
  5. Releasing the sick thoughts to heal patient

Report of diagnosis and healing of 20 patients with the help of Reiki psychotherapy, submit your report in written form of in the form of video or audio recording + video of testimonials and remarks of 20 patients. Submit the project on Wednesday of 12th week.

Week 10:

  1. Quick healing methods
  2. Rising meditation
  3. Rooting medication
  4. Unification of Chakras
  5. Centering and witnessing

Week 11:

  1. Detecting an emergency
  2. Detecting the signals of dowsing
  3. Taking help of Reiki Family
  4. Supporting and being supportable
  5. Combating improper emotions

Week 12:

  1. Healing emotions by counseling
  2. Predicting ailments that may appear
  3. Scanning thoughts that caused ailment
  4. Professional ethics for a healer
  5. Spiritual ethics for a healer

Saturday of week 12
Each student gets at least 2 patients he has healed as guests. This 2 hour session contains,

Sharing of Reiki 4 students and of their guests and patients. Convocation of students with certificate and pin

We propose to start this certificate course at Parel and Borivli in daily evening classes from 7pm to 8pm on mondays to fridays.

The fees for this 3 month certificate course will be 45,000/- INR that can be paid by cheques of 3 monthly installments of 15,000/-INR.

Those Reiki masters, who are interested in joining this 12 weeks certificate course of Reiki 4 may post intent, venue choice and contact details, to, or leave comment here on this blog, so that when dates are finalized, we shall get back to you.

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